‘Turn back to childhood’ with a basketball game based on the Slam Dunk series

nhung tuyet chieu ao dieu nhat trong the gioi bong ro slam dunk - 'Turn back to childhood' with a basketball game based on the Slam Dunk series

Slam Dunk is a comic book that used to “storm” and in the near future, game products based on this series will also be released on the Asian market.

Slam Dunk is a Japanese manga, written by Takehiko Inoue about the Shohoku (Shōhoku) high school basketball team. This is a successful manga work in the cherry blossom country when more than 100 million copies are sold in that country. So far, mobile games adapted from that manga have appeared, inheriting the unique content of the story.

EBZgwhiW4AEcEPN 300x212 - 'Turn back to childhood' with a basketball game based on the Slam Dunk series

Slam Dunk is a very famous comic by author Takehiko Inoue about a high school basketball team called Shohoku

Once one of the feverish series in 2003, Slam Dunk owns humorous content but still has profound humanistic details, has a huge fan base around the world and is continuously transformed into a film like a lot of different game lines. 

The mobile product with a plot taken from Slam Dunk announced the preparation of the launch in Asia in 2020. It uses the imagery and skills of all the characters in the original version, such as Sakuragi Flower Road, Rukawa Kaede, Mitsui Shou, and high school basketball team competitions, to bring out a lively and immersive world. It’s not different from what’s in the original.

Slam Dunk players can experience the ultimate high school basketball games in the county competition to win the top prize. Gamers are recruiting and training the squad to become competitive enough. In addition, the game has many attractive game modes, such as 3vs3, 5vs5 with a hard drama. 

According to the announcement, DeNA released Slam Dunk in Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the game is expected to be available across Asia in 2020. Interested readers and gamers can find out more about the game here.

In particular, the athlete and NPC images in the Slam Dunk game are based on anime with similar lines and voices. The sound and music performance of the game through the matches is also carefully taken care of in order to give the players the most satisfying experience.


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