Top 7 excellent games based on novels (Part 1)

images - Top 7 excellent games based on novels (Part 1)

Similar to film, the game needs a solid scenario, tightened at the right moment, and the plot is appealing and appealing. More and more, the necessity for scripting is becoming more and more important-this is also the foundation for indie games (less money, no excessive graphics) to win the game.

When there is a limited supply of decent game scripts, or when game developers actually try to create a resonance between various cultural genres, it’s often time for novels and games to get together. In fact, there are many game versions of the novel that have been and are having great success, with the involvement of many “major” writers such as Tolkien, Lovecraft and Tom Clancy.

  1. Call of Cthulhu

While so many games have been published that are based on character pictures by renowned horror writer HPLovecraft, it’s interesting that only a few items have a story completely based on one of His short stories / romans. 

Lovecraft ‘s plot is not about superheroes depicting sudden wars, but instead on helpless human beings being destroyed by beasts that even the best of imagination can’t conceive about. That’s why, in addition to the search to discover, investigate where and solve puzzles, the game provides players with very few ammo and essentials, because if you want to live in the grim, mystical world of Call Of Cthulhu: Grim Corners Of The Planet, players need to be very calm to be able to solve the situation quickly and precisely.

Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth has done a wonderful job of delivering the meaning of the ‘Call of Cthulhu” work to gamers with attractive gameplay and pretty decent graphics compared to games at the same time. Unfortunately, the two sequels of the game were set for release, but were cancelled later, because the remake of movement is now blooming among game studios.

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Hope to get some interesting news about the game in the coming time

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