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If you are enjoying the articles we share openly in our magazine, then subscribing will be a real treat for you. Check out the benefits we offer for all gamers that have purchased a subscription.

Contests and Prizes

We regularly have contests in popular games that most of us love to play, with live streaming and a juicy prize for the winner or winners. There are Halo contests and Counterstrike contests every month, which come with a reward of game merchandise for the winner.

Another thing our subscribers love is our trivia contests. We do these via Google hangouts and with time limits to answer each question to prevent people from cheating by googling. The laughs and fun are topped with prizes such as game and magazine merchandise and online game items.

Raffles and Lotto

At The Fictioneer, we are constantly launching raffles and creating entertaining lotto games to keep our subscribers pampered with cool rewards such as games and merchandise. Our lotto has an added gamer appeal as the winner is picked by throwing RPG dice as many times as needed to end up with a character and a skill.

Once you have been a subscriber for over six months, you can participate in raffles to win a free subscription for a year. These particular raffles are done once every three months and you aren’t required to pay additional fees to participate.

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If you are looking at all these benefits and thinking you need to get a subscription right now, you can send us an email requesting the subscription. You will be linked to a simple form where you will state what kind of activity you want to be a part of.

At no time will we ask you to email us your bank account data, personal information, passwords, or anything outside the fields to be filled in our subscription form.