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The Fictioneer is a digital magazine dedicated to sharing information regarding video games, online video games, and all the news regarding the latest releases.

The Fictioneer’s Creator

A small engine mechanic named Victoria Sanders was playing The Witcher with her friends and she was at a loss for what to do to solve a gameplay issue she had. Her friends helped her out as soon as she asked them to and just like that, she had the idea of creating a magazine where we could all do this for everybody online.

The Articles

The Articles you will find inside our magazine are all about video games from passionate gamers that enjoy sharing their knowledge. You can find articles with the latest news about video game releases and updates about video game development.

One of the things we love to write about the most is where the inspiration for the video games come from, whether books or movies. Every article is carefully created to accurately describe the features and inspiration of our favorite releases.

Our Goal

With this magazine, we aim at growing the community of gamers that appreciate those games that have been developed with the inspiration of movies and books. We also strive to keep gamers updated on the latest news coming from the industry, as we know our readers like to stay on top of new releases and features.

A bit of a sneakier goal we have is getting young people into reading, by pointing them to the books that inspired the games they spend hours playing. We all believe that reading the books and enhancing your knowledge of the world inside the game makes you a better gamer in the end.

Keep up with every new article we post and never miss a release date or updated information regarding the games you look forward to playing every day.