Free Fire OB25 Update: Date of publication, details revealed

free fire ob25 advanced server - Free Fire OB25 Update: Date of publication, details revealed

The OB25 update in Free Fire is scheduled for December 7th. The update will introduce a range of new features to Free Fire. 

Free Fire has amassed a massive user base worldwide and now has over 500 million downloads from the Google Play Store. This success is likely to be due to new features that developers frequently introduce to the game.

JIJBN 300x169 - Free Fire OB25 Update: Date of publication, details revealed

Free Fire developers release all new features on the enhanced server before adding them to the global version of the game

Free Fire’s OB25 APK was released on November 26th, with several new features. Meanwhile, the most speculated release date for the OB25 update was December 7.

As reported earlier, the Free Fire OB25 update is scheduled to be published on 7 December. Beta game testers have appreciated some of the unique features not yet included in the game. Initial game. Original game. 

Here is a list of all potential features that are set to be added to the game:

New characters 

Three new characters, Sverr, Snowelle and Mystery Character, will be introduced to the game.

New pets

A new pet called Beaston was introduced to the beta test version of OB25. It has an ability that increases the distance from thrown objects, including bombs, wall balls, flashbangs and smoke grenades, to a certain degree.

New mode

The OB25 Advance Free Fire server has added a total of three new modes: Cosmic Racer, Big-Head, and Chosen One.

New weapon

A new SMG has been added on the Free Fire Advance server.

New Emojis

Five new icons have been introduced to the server, but the most popular is the highest scorer icon. The other two icons are labeled Obliteration, and I am Saitama, and the rest of the icons are unidentified.

New Isle of Spawn 

The spawning island in Free Fire has been fully re-engineered on the Advance server, and gamers may also foresee this improvement in the revised version of Free Fire.

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