After two years , what is the Harry Potter RPG about to announce ?

tai xuong 1 - After two years , what is the Harry Potter RPG about to announce ?

Warner Bros.Games are preparing to release new games this summer.

While waiting for the rumored official announcement of the Harry Potter RPG title, some hope it will stop depending on the old Hogwarts Academy. 

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Hogwart has been over-exploited

It can easily be forgotten how many times Harry Potter ‘s key material proceeds to replay the exploration of Hogwarts, particularly because this wizard school is the location of the events of the original series. At this point, however, Hogwarts featured heavily in movie-based games, Lego packs, and even real-world theme parks. And unrelated games like PS4 ‘s Visions of Hogwarts, owing to the success of fans throughout the Harry Potter series.

As for the play, the new ‘Harry Potter’ theme from Niantic is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Like other Harry Potter media creations like Fantastic Beasts, this game brings players out of Hogwarts to show off the surprises that exist beyond the castle and around the rest of the Wizard World. Released last year, Niantic’s new game is already being changed, introducing players to elements of Harry Potter without having to turn on the lead character.

So far, all of the spells used in the Harry Potter universe have just been a few gadgets, and they have been of no use in combat. This definitely won’t get too much reception from players who want to play AAA games, even though it’s set in the Harry Potter world, where most strong wizards prefer to stop combat. Giving players a chance to use Dark Arts, and even forbidden curses, can be one of the better opportunities to reach other undiscovered areas of the Wizard World. 

Overall, there is a lot of room for a Harry Potter role-playing game that would deliver an interesting new take on the world beyond the original novels. However, if Warner Bros. truly needs to make the most of their investment, keeping away from Hogwarts may be the right way to go on with the new title.

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