7 Unexpected Things Women Expect On AFirst Date

Here is a list of things that you should do because women expect them from you on your first date.

Do a little extra

It is great to give her flowers and a bottle of wine on the first date. But you could definitely want to do a little extra by getting a bit personal. Why not make her a collection of music that she likes on a CD or maybe give her a book that she likes. If you be creative you are sure to create an impression.

Take care of your manners

Manners is something that women pay a lot of attention to and when you are on the date take care to open the door for her or chew with your mouth closed.

Women like compliments

All women want to be complimented and appreciated. So tell her that her dress looks pretty or that her hair looks nice etc.

Get into a conversation

Try to get to know her and ask her about herself. Just do not keep telling her about your hobbies and your accomplishments. That will show that you are concerned.

Make her feel comfortable

You want to ensure that you start some light conversation. Ask her about her hobbies but make sure that you do not force any questions on her.

You should be confident

Confidence is appreciated aggressiveness is not. So be courteous and never raise your voice or give any command to anyone.

Backup plan

If you had planned for a movie and its tickets are sold old, then that is okay. You should have a backup plan just in case. Your date will also feel that you are easy going in nature and creative.

It is important that you be carefree and let her enjoy the date. She is as stressed as you are and thus make it a fun and enjoyable evening for the both of you.…

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